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JSL Method

A new way of learning Japanese

JSL MeTHOD’s e-learning application based on the concept of learning Japanese grammar in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

Whether you need to learn to pass the JLPT or learn grammar for more native-like conversation,JSL MeTHOD’s short, to-the-point content meets a variety of needs.

JSL MeTHOD Features

1.Content that makes it easy to keep learning

Fun to learn

You can learn how the Japanese grammar you are studying is used in real life situations through an original story by a professional voice actor and illustrator that will make you laugh. You can also check your level of understanding by taking quizzes on the topics you have studied, while enjoying the game-like experience.

Easy to understand

Japanese grammar taught with whiteboard animation allows students to visually confirm the movement of verbs and the expression and mood of adjectives. Furthermore, by listening to the easy-to-understand narration as well as seeing the grammatical structure with your eyes, you will promote the retention of the grammar in your long-term memory. By shortening each video to about 10 minutes, you can study over and over again without getting bored.

2. Ideal for personal study

Multi-device support

Available on any device, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, this web browser application allows students to study from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, regardless of brand.

Multilingual compatibility

JSL MeTHOD currently supports learning in 9 languages (Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Nepali, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean). Subtitles for grammar learning videos and story scripts can also be learned in each language, so even beginner-level students can use the site without problems.

Learning Progress Check

You can visually check your learning progress. You can manage your own learning, such as level attained, sessions completed, percentage of quizzes answered correctly, etc., and advance your learning at your own pace.

Corporate use also available

It is also used for Japanese language education and welfare programs at companies that employ foreign personnel, technical intern trainee management organizations, and Japanese language schools outside of Japan.

The corporate use service offers management functions that allow users to check their learning status and send messages to them.