Our Business

Global Human Resource

Services provided

1.Paid Employment Placement Services

A human resource service for SSW(Specified Skilled Worker) and highly-skilled foreign professionals. We specialize in introducing applicants with Japanese language skills, understanding for Japanese culture and manners.

We have partner companies all over the world to train foreign human resources.

2.Japanese Language Education

Japanese language education service for companies employing foreign workers.
Combined with the E-Learning app ”JSL MeTHOD”, we offer a more effective learning plan.

3.Registered Support Organization

A registered support organization is an organization that is received an entrustment from a company that hires SSW workers (Accepting company) to provides full support based on a support plan for SSW 1 workers in terms of work and daily life during their stay in Japan.

Japanese language training for foreign employees

Japanese language training for foreign employees

Support Overview

  • Advance Guidance

  • Transportation to and from the country

  • Support for contracts necessary for securing housing and living

  • Orientation

  • Accompaniment to public procedures, etc.

  • Providing opportunities to learn Japanese

  • Responding to consultations and complaints

  • Support for interaction with Japanese

  • Assistance in changing jobs (For personnel arrangement, etc.)

  • Periodic interviews and reports to government agencies